Federica Marchionni never wastes time.

She is a sportswoman who has completed the New York (2019), Kilimanjaro and San Francisco Marathons. She enjoys running, skiing, swimming – and she believes in “mens sana in corpore sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body).

Marchionni strongly supports the Arts — with a special love for works from her native Italy. She recently supported the Italian subtitles for the Italian operas at Lincoln Center.

Marchionni travels constantly, and has visited over 100 countries. Marchionni believes you must see the world — and be immersed in local cultures — to think globally. As a Global Group Executive at Dolce&Gabbana HQ, then as President of Dolce & Gabbana USA Inc., she greatly contributed to the company’s worldwide success. At Dolce&Gabbana, she partnered with the Metropolitan Opera and Consulate General of Italy to offer Italian subtitles for the first time at the prestigious theater. She is always on the lookout for ways to learn more about emerging global markets.

She’s a huge film fan, and is often seen at the TriBeCa, Cannes, and Toronto Film Festivals and other major  events, worldwide.

On her (many) plane flights around the world, Marchionni takes time to read books about geopolitics, culture, leadership and philosophy.  She’s contantly learning, and always striving for more.