Forte-Mente Global (FMG) realizes that next-generation technologies will define the future of global trade.

That’s why we help businesses to:

  • Select and upgrade digital technologies
  • Introduce and refine collaborative tools
  • Leverage data analytics
  • Streamline production efficiencies
  • Master cross-device identification of consumers
  • Create complete views of their consumers
  • Identify and understand the Voice of the Consumer
  • Craft device agile content for consumer-facing platforms
  • Design content creation and curation strategies.
  • Accelerate iterative testing at scale.

We help our clients pick the right Tech strategies – decisions that save time, make money and help the bottom line, both now and in the future.

The automotive industry is another industry undergoing massive disruption, including:

  • The coming rise of driverless and autonomous vehicles
  • The growth of the electric vehicle market
  • Changing government regulations about carbon emissions and fuel standards, car types and connected data services
  • The emergence of the IoT (Internet of Things) and connected cars, that create mountains of data
  • Changing consumer attitudes about car ownership – and even, driving itself
  • The growth of aggregated transportation services like Uber, Lyft, Hailo and others.
  • Changing insurance issues – especially as roads begin to be populated by growing numbers of driverless cars.
  • New market entrants, some of which will target only HNW segments.

FMG helps businesses to navigate this changing landscape – domestically and globally. We will get you ready for the road ahead.