Forte Mente Global (FMG) works with clients in three critical areas of innovation to improve performances and win competition:

  • Capabilities: Few mature companies stay innovative throughout their life – but every company can improve its culture of innovation, and work to reward it. Wherever your innovation capabilities are today, we can help you make them better, faster and more potent for your bottom line. We push our clients to innovate with products and services that raise the bar.
  • Strategy: We craft game-changing go to market strategies for clients, working to figure out where innovation can most quickly impact performance. Each client is different – but innovation can happen at any place in the enterprise to drive results. We find those places, fast, and create strategies to execute innovation that works.
  • Management: We work with companies both to define the innovation opportunities, and to find the best people (internal, external or both) to manage the change.

FMG helps businesses to create a culture of innovation – one that rewards risks, testing, information sharing, teamwork and speed.