Federica Marchionni is a Renaissance woman, with many eclectic interests. She is wired to the future — but she also believes it is vital to study and learn from the past.

Marchionni studies legendary leaders like Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Queen Elizabeth II, Abe Lincoln and many others. Fascinated by geopolitics and different cultures, she has traveled to over 100 nations (and counting).

She has a lifelong interest in space exploration and evolving technologies, and admires bold and disruptive technology leaders. She relentlessly investigates the bleeding edge of innovative technogies: AI and emerging tech, space, VR and video games, mobile apps and more (also because of her tech-savvy son.)

Marchionni recently served as a Member on the Corporate Board of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

She is a tireless advocate for a variety of causes (See: Advocacy) and  has written about the power of mentoring — and has offered advice to and guidance for hundreds of professionals in their respective careers.